Pedors Classic MAX Wrap Sandals For Lymphedema Black (WRX600) (PAIR)


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Pedors Classic MAX Wrap Sandals For Lymphedema Black (WRX600) (PAIR)


  • Closure: two elongated overlapping Pedoprene flaps
  • Non-removable footbed, slightly raised, cushioned
  • Open rear and toe area


  • Pedoprene flaps on the lateral medial side allow for the foot to be easily placed on the footbed
  • The touch closure panel on the under flap allows for the sandal to be adjusted by as much as five inches in girth
  • Pedoprene material also provides some compression to help reduce swelling
  • Footbed is designed for cushion and comfort
  • Rigid sole has a fairly aggressive toe spring (to reduce the risk of tripping)
  • Rubber composite outsole with moderate traction- neither too grippy nor too slick

Intended Use:
Very Swollen Feet, Edema / Lymphedema
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