Pedors® Classic Max (MX600) (PAIR)


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The Classic Max is the classic “supersized”.   The shoe has been designed with a second strap that enables the shoe to open up even further so that the foot can be more easily placed on the foot bed.  This shoe is fitted primarily to people with swollen or sensitive feet who need plenty of room in a shoe and who may have trouble getting their feet into a shoe that fits. The Max is also fitted to patients with bandaged feet following surgery and is often used as a recovery, rehab shoe, or post op shoe.  

The Max is available in Extra Wide (2E)  Extra Extra Wide (4E) and Triple Extra wide (6E). 

Intended Use:
Very Swollen Feet, Edema / Lymphedema, Bunions / Hallux Valgus, Toe Problems, Hammertoes, Sore Feet, Extra Wide Feet, Diabetes, Arthritis, Orthotic Shoes
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