Retailer Support

Here at Pedors Shoes we understand how difficult it is out there in retail land and so we have developed the Pedors Retailer Support Program to help our retailers combat the erosion of retail sales and improve their bottom line.

When All Others Fail, Pedors Prevail & Save The Sale
What we mean by this is that our products often help to save the sale by being able to be fitted to the most demanding feet.  Our products help you fit suitable footwear to the patient before they walk (or hobble) away with nothing. Sure, our shoes may not be the most attractive, but they do work. We are here to help you make a sale to as many people as possible that come through your door with a difficult foot problem.

Our aim is to have happy Pedors Authorized Dealers (PADs) throughout the USA and beyond.  These PADs will maintain a fitting run of Pedors shoes while proudly displaying the Pedors line in their store.  However, that may not be suitable for you or your business so below are the three levels of support we offer to all types of account.

Everything you see here is free.  All we ask is for your honest commitment to the success of the program.



We Aim To:
a) increase foot traffic to your store.
b) convert them into customers.
c) combat show-rooming.

Here's how we plan to do it:

You Size We Ship - if you don't have a particular size/style in stock, you can offer to have the shoes shipped directly to the customer.  We will not charge you extra for drop-ships. - Pedors Saves The Sale

Website Walk-Ins - PADs are listed on our Pedors Authorized Dealer Store Locator on A simple and effective way to get new customers. - Pedors Helps The Sale

What's Up Docs? - We can supply you with Pedors Reference Handouts to send to your referral base.  All you have to do is add your store's information and send them out.  We have anecdotal evidence that this simple exercise increases the number of inbound referrals considerably. - Pedors Helps The Sale

Pedors Wonder Wall - Slat-wall headers, slat-wall shelves, shoe samples, catalogs are provided free of charge to Pedors Authorized Dealers (PADs).  As you can imagine this costs us quite a bit to do so we ask that you kindly send us a picture of your set-up once finished. - Pedors Saves The Sale

Sign Up Is Free & Super Simple
All you have to do is fill out the short form below and we will work feverishly behind the scenes to get you all set up.